Youth Program

The youth program was created by the foundation in 2013, The objective of the program was that The new generation1 [DATA EXPUNGED].

The purpose of the youth program creation is classified to the O7 council.

The youth program would hire Teenagers from the age of 12-19 into the foundation, The O7 council told the ethics committee and they didn't support of the Idea. The Ethics Committee stated that the new generation are too young to be working at the foundation and lack experience.

The O7 disagreed and went along with the plan, 40,000 new employees ranging the ages of 12-19 joined the foundation. 3 of which became O7 council members and currently are, The original Council that decided on the youth program have all passed away and so the reason of why the program was created was lost with them.

- O7-1

We all die, I may physically look young but my mind is old. I have been alive long enough, I just hope that the next O7 council… The next O7-1 does better than me. We are all not meant to live forever that's how life is, you can't change that no matter how much you want too.

I am john [Data Expunged] and I use to be O7-1, The Original O7-1. The next O7-1 will be younger and will have a lot to learn about the foundation, Just hope he or she does a better job than me. Me and the Other council members agreed that we are too old for this job and the time of the original council is closing up slowly. All of us will die one day, Just the memories that we leave behind will be told.

Due to the reason that the foundation doesn't actually exist to public knowledge. The ethics Committee decided to start up a faulty front business that handles paper production, office supplies. The Front Business called Sterling Digital Print

Sterling Digital Print (SDP)
The Sterling Digital Print is a Digital, Commercial & Financial Printing company that provides "Leveraging Leading-Edge Technologies and In-Depth Expertise to Deliver High Quality, Quick-Turnaround Financial and Business Print Services."

The Ethics Committee approved of the construction of a SDP factory costing the foundation $810,000. The SDP facility is currently at 270 Oser Ave, Hauppauge, NY, USA.

The foundation created the front business in-order to benefit the teenage employees, Some of the foundation employees are actually working at the SDP Factory.

This Front business would cost the foundation 35 million dollars Annually, As the business isn't expected to bring in Revenue.

Since the foundation is a secret organization that cooperates with world government, The foundation Doesn't pay any taxes but foundation front business don't operate the same way and so the foundation still ends up paying taxes, just not that much.

With SDP the foundation pays taxes and the company is the employer, this also results that the employee must also pay taxes to the IRS.


All the teenage personnel will not be getting paid the same as regular personnel until they turn the age of 20, This was set by the O7 council. Teenage personnel will be making anywhere from 6-20k yearly until you complete the age of 20.

Teenage personnel will be getting Free Dental, Health, Vision, Mental Insurance. Sterling Digital Print will be a part-time job for Foundation teenage employees, This will benefit you as it will work as a core subject in high school and give you 1-52 credit points earned for possible graduation.

Education Benefit: (For those who are planning on going to college)
Some foundation personnel want to go to college but can't afford it, even the teenage personnel. Personnel can go to their superior and request for the education benefit, which your superior will send the request to a member of the ethics committee.

The education benefit was established with the youth program for those who seek a higher education then a high school diploma, In-order to provide for those who can't pay full year tuitions.

The foundation will pay for any college3 and career you decide to go towards.

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