What Is A Group Of Interest

Groups Of Interest

File Overview: The Foundation is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create SCP objects, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the Foundation, and some are trusted associates of the Foundation. In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the Foundation knows about, and our stance towards them.

Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

Marshall, Carter & Dark Limited (MC&D Ltd)

Located: Entire World

A “club” based in London, England. Catering to the super-rich and with extensive political and financial ties worldwide, this group has caused extensive problems for the Foundation. Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. is known for collecting rare and obscure items, along with providing its members the most exclusive, expensive, and rare experiences available.

These activities have resulted in conflict with the Foundation on numerous occasions. The group is not known for the use of force; they prefer to apply extreme financial and political pressure to achieve their goals. When forced to use more direct means, Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. employs outside agents, and it is very difficult to connect said agents to the organization.

MC&D Ltd. Is the biggest enemy of the foundation as the Founder of Marshall carter and dark Limited use to be a member of the O7 council, and in revenge MC&D and The Scp foundation are enemies. MC&D is know for Auctioning several Anomalous entities and object.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd

Amerson Help Occult

Amerson Help Occult

Located: Ohio

The Amerson Help Occult is a group of people whom have basic knowledge in Phycology, and Child Phycology Along with Knowledge in law and health, The AHO was formed by Amerson in 2017 in an Effort to help people in need. AHO Uses Anomalies to help people with trauma, The SCP Foundation First came aware of their existence in 2019 during [Data Redacted].

The AHO Objectives are to help mankind with issues such as Trauma, Depression, Life Issues and does it in the most understanding way. In late 2020 The founder Amerson Died due to Covid and now the organization is ran by his closest friends known as the AHO Board. At times The Amerson Help Occult had requested amnestics Injections in times when a client of theirs is in so much trauma or within a deep depression they can't get out of.

Note: Amnestics Injections were created by the foundation in 1951 as a means to prevent the public from knowing the existence of the foundation, The Amnestic Injections work as a memory wipe from a certain event or time which is effective but do leave an injection scar and side effects, that is why in 2021 The foundation decided to attempt to update the Amnestics from injections to Pills. the project is still in development.

The SCP Foundation Views the AHO as a Friend, The foundation often tell personnel to seek AHO for any Mental health problem or if you just need someone to hear out your problems. Even some High rank officials in the foundation have tried to seek the help of AHO during a crisis in their life, The AHO sees the Foundation as a trusted friend as The foundation often gives the AHO supplies to help people.

The AHO Believes in their goals often helping communities or people in need. The Foundation on the other hand refuses to send money to Communities in need only applies in an event that the area was attacked or under the effect of an Anomaly

Global Occult Coalition (GOC)

United Nations Global Occult Coalition (UNGOC)

Location: Entire World

The Global Occult Coalition (GOC), also known as the United Nations Global Occult Coalition (UNGOC) is a major power in the world of the SCP Foundation Wiki and among the Foundation's most prominent rivals.

It serves as the official protector of the human race, overseen by the United Nations. It was founded after WWII. They share the Foundation's view of protecting mankind from the thousands anomalies (or as they call them "parathreats"), though instead of containing them, they usually destroy/kill all anomalies they encounter, even if they are completely harmless, making them a more controversial group. They have also been known to exterminate entire communities in order to destroy often unthreatening anomalies.

The GOC and The SCP Foundation see themselves as enemies towards one another, The foundation and GOC play a game of who gets there first when ever a new anomaly appears. An Agreement Between the Foundation O7 council and The Global Occult Coalition Council of 108 that both organizations aren't allowed to attack one another. The Foundation calls the council of 108 as "The GOC Commanders", and on the other hand the GOC continues to calls the O7 council as "The SCP Administrator council". There have been cases where the foundation and GOC had teamed up together to destroy anomalies that the Foundation considers too much of a threat to exist.

Chaos Insurgency

The Chaos Insurgency

Location: Entire World

Creating logic out of Illogic.
Should intermittent vengeance arm again his red right hand to plague us?
These are slogans by the chaos Insurgency

The Chaos Insurgency (or C.I.) is a major rival organization in the SCP Foundation. The Chaos Insurgency was formed by former agents from the SCP Foundation who defected from the organization and attempt to destroy it. The Chaos Insurgency has access to a more limited amount of SCPs than the Foundation but is more willing to use them without restriction. This organization consists of about 16 main members

In 1924, the SCP Foundation formed a covert special task force, known only to the O7 & O5 Council, codenamed the "Insurgency." The leadership of the Insurgency was comprised of members of MTF Alpha-1, the Red Right Hand or HRM, famed for their loyalty to the foundation and the total secrecy of their origins, identities, and operations. The Insurgency leadership was supported by research, security, and retrieval personnel, all taken from Foundation ranks.

The Insurgency was created to do the foundations dirty work, Things that would shock the Ethics Committee. In 1939 The Insurgents went A.W.O.L and Attacked many foundation facilities, Causing hundreds of death of both sides. This came to a shock to the O5 as the most loyalist members turned against the foundation, The O7 council o the other hand weren't shocked and decided to Launch a Counter attack on the Insurgents. HRM started to attack Chaos Insurgency making the Chaos Insurgency weak and in retreat, Shows why you never backstab the Foundation.

In 1981, The C.I started to rank in 12,000 members then from the original 140 members. The foundation Classified the betrayal and stated that the Chaos insurgency was a rival organization that splintered from the foundation in 1962. In 1987 Chaos insurgency raided multiple foundation facilities stealing multiple scps. the C.I used HRM Uniform in order to get in the facility. The Foundation advises Personnel that in the event that Chaos Insurgency is in their facility they are to remain calm and wait for the site Director to call up Nu-7 or HRM.

The Foundation doesn’t know why the insurgency betrayed the foundation, What the Foundation does know is that the Chaos Insurgency Ideology is Anarchy. C.I believe that the world is better if the foundation is destroyed and All world Governments are to be destroyed. The C.I wants to set up a new world where (White) Of Mankind is the dominate Species of the Planet, Basically the C.I idea is the same as the Nazi’s. To make the world where the White Race is the superior above all other races and Anomaly races. this can be linked to when the C.I teamed up with the Third Reich and helped them with their Ideas of Superior race.

The Chaos Insurgency is divided into two Groups; Military & R&D (Research and Development). the leader of the Chaos Insurgency is known as the Engineer and it is an unknown figure in the foundation. The Chaos Insurgency only hires White race, The chaos Insurgency has a class system known as the “4 insurgents”. the highest being Chaos Command, Second is Alpha Command, Third is Delta Command, Fourth is Beta Command. all new recruits start as Beta Command then work their way up the pyramid.

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