What Is A Facility

The Foundation maintains and operates a number of facilities worldwide, from small outposts with only a handful of staff to large complexes with thousands of personnel. The following document contains a list of Foundation facilities. but the foundation will say the state and county they are located at.

Just How Big Is The Foundation?

Some choose to believe that the Foundation is very small, consisting of only half a dozen facilities or less, and no more than a thousand personnel - in which case, it makes a lot of sense to include only a few of these facilities (or none at all) in your personal version of the Foundation. Some choose to believe that the Foundation is vastly larger and far-reaching, employing hundreds of thousands of personnel squirreled away in hundreds of facilities around the globe - perhaps all of these facilities and every number in between!

The foundation has Future plans to build more facilities.


Different type of Facilities

Foundation facilities designated as Sites are covert facilities, meaning that while the existence of the facility is known to the public, such facilities are often disguised as corporate fronts but still using the foundation logo. Sites are often built in relatively close proximity to civilian populations, where facilities would require such cover. Some Facilities are an Exception such as the legendary Site-18.


Foundation facilities designated as Areas are clandestine facilities, meaning that civilians are not aware of their existence at all. Such facilities are often built far away from civilian populations and may contain highly dangerous anomalies and extreme fail-safe measures such as on-site [Data Redacted].


Outposts are small facilities subordinate to a nearby Site or Area, used to contain immobile objects or to monitor anomalous locations.

Observation Posts:

Observation Posts are tiny facilities, often small standalone buildings or single units within larger buildings, and are typically used to monitor regional communications, nearby Foundation facilities, or immobile SCP objects. Many Observation Posts also serve as secure communications hubs or safe-houses for undercover Foundation agents.

A-Class Site:

A-Class Sites are facilities that house almost every prefix also being the largest sites in the foundation. These A-Class Sites are often far away from civilization and hold [Data Redacted] in the event of a Massive breach event

Omega Sites:

Omega Sites aren't actually facilities but locations given the designation of Omega site due to the reason of the location housing or is often visited by a member of the O5-Command and/or Administrator council. These Sites require undercover agents coming from either HRM or Alpha-1 in order to protect the O5, O7 Council members and Administrator.


These prefixes are often used to denote specializations of facilities or facility sections and are often omitted even in internal communication. These prefixes are not exclusive and can be used together to form a Facility name. Certain terms have been assigned their own color codes to enable Sites and Areas with a similar function to be more easily identified.


- Armed denotes a facility or facility section with abnormally high physical security concerns, either due to containment of violent hostile entities or threat of outside attack. Such facilities typically have a large amount of military-grade weaponry and vehicles as well as a disproportionately large number of permanent security staff; in the case of a full facility, this typically entails a detachment of at least battalion or regiment strength.


- Biological or Bio-facilities contain and research living organisms and infectious or otherwise biohazardous anomalies. These facilities are both isolated and self-contained to prevent the escape and spread of these entities. and where the foundation creates new viruses or pathogens in order to [Data Expunged]


- Containment facilities or facility sections are primarily equipped and intended for the mass containment of anomalous objects, entities, or phenomena.


- Dimensional containment facilities or facility sections deal with extradimensional apertures or anomalies exhibiting inconsistent or warped spacetime, or anomalies of ontokinetic nature in general.


- Humanoid containment facilities or facility sections primarily deal with sentient, sapient human or near-human entities capable of understanding and complying with instructions, and often attempt to develop means of communication with them to facilitate containment.


- Most often used by Δt personnel, Exclusionary Sites are unaffected by reality-changing effects, and are often built outside of reality itself.


- Protected facilities and facility sections are "safe zones" kept free of anomalous influence. No anomalies are allowed within these facilities at any time. Generally used for administration, data storage, and for housing essential personnel.


- Provisional facilities are those that are established or built around an immobile anomaly. Provisional facilities typically contain only a single anomaly, although many Provisional facilities have later been expanded to contain additional anomalies.


- Reliquary facilities or facility sections are designed for handling artifacts and objects of religious or historical significance.


Research facilities or facility sections are designed for either the handling and study of anomalies or anomalous materials, or research and development into new containment schemes and methods.


- Storage facilities or facility sections are intended for long-term mass storage of non-anomalous material or inert anomalies with no risk of autonomous interaction, including Anomalous Items and inanimate Safe-class SCP objects.


- Surveillance sites monitor their surroundings, or send field operatives out further afield, in order to search for anomalies not currently in containment.


- Xenobiological sites specialise in the containment and study of organisms with biology differing dramatically from most Earth resident species, typically due to an extraterrestrial, extradimensional, or other anomalous origin.

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