The International SCP Foundation


For those who don't know already the SCP Foundation doesn't only operate in the United States but operate in other countries. It is true that the SCP Foundation was founded in the US, 10 years after the foundation begin It's Mission outside The United State becoming an international Organization.

Operating in these countries is no easy task and cost the foundation billions to run its Objectives of SECURE.CONTAIN.PROTECT.

The Foundation doesn't get involve into conflicts or affairs with other nations as it is not the foundation priority to intervene. The Foundation will get involve if it starts to mess with its Secure.Contain.Protect Objectives. The Foundation isn't like the GOC, The GOC gets it funding from the United Nations. the foundation gets large chunks of cash is by cooperation with major world government. When governments are combating or containing anomalies that would present a threat to their national security. Think of it as a classic “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” situation.

The Foundation Doesn't care what type of government you are, The Foundation interest is to protect mankind from the things that hide in the shadows. The Foundation dies in the dark so you can live in the light.

International Funding

The Foundation receives 2.3 Trillion dollars in total funding every year from all world governments, The Foundation also receives 10 billion dollars from the United Nations although they already fund their own organization known as the United Nations Global Occult Coalition.

International Branches

The International Branches include: Asia, North & South America, Europe, Africa. Which are all overseen by the O7 council and Administrator.

North American Branch
European Branch
Asian Branch
South American Branch
African Branch

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