The Administrator

The Administrator- Over the years the foundation has had 7 Administrators, The full name of the Administrator position is called the Administrator of the Secure.Contain.Protect foundation but Known as just the AD or Administrator for short. The Founder of the SCP Foundation was the first Administrator in ████, The Founder identity is the biggest secret in the foundation as the only person who knows who the founder is The Administrator themselves. As it is for the O7 council and Administrator their true Identity are to be kept a very guarded secret, As it puts the security of the foundation at risk.

What does the Administrator Do? the Administrator Job is to represent the foundation and ensure that the foundation goals of Secure, Contain, Protect still stand as the foundations morals. The Administrator is also responsible to keep the higher ups in check, The Administrator job of running the SCP Foundation is the most stressful job in the foundation.

How does the foundation see the Administrator? The foundation sees the Administrator with respect as they have the hardest job in the foundation coming with loads of stress, The Administrator is the highest person in the foundation and by the foundation enemies is viewed as a target but getting to the Administrator is no easy task.

What will happen in the event the Administrator dies? [Data Redacted]

who is the Current Administrators?
The Current Administrator is Dr.Alice other known as O7-02 "Eve".

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