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What are SCPs? SCPs are Objects or Entities that appear to have anomalous abilities.

What is Anomalous? Anomalous are things that don't obey to natural law; things that Don't have a scientific cause behind it.

What is a best example of Anomalous? You and your friend want to buy something and your friend pulls out a wallet that when opening 20 dollars appear from thin air.

see you can't make 20 dollars appear from nothing can you, That is Anomalous; it doesn't obey to natural law or Scientific meaning.

What is the SCP Foundation? The SCP foundation has existed since [Data Expunged]. The Foundation is a secret organization whose main goal is to protect mankind from the anomalous, Things that go bump in the night. SCP stands for Secure, Contain and Protect/Special Containment Procedures. We are tasked with keeping these things contain and get an understanding of these anomalies to our best ability for the Advancement's of science and technology.

The Foundation classes anomalies on the ability of containment this is known as an Object class or OC

Anomala: Anomala Class is to be used on Anomalies that can't be contained but the Foundation is aware of their existence. Anomala fall under the anomalies that are Spirits, Demons, Angels.

Anomala Scps are public Knowledge and Can't be kept a secret. The Foundation need proof that they exist before they can be an Scp and given the object class of Anomala

Apollyon: An Apollyon SCP is an object that is currently impossible to contain and can potentially lead to an 'XK end of the world scenario. Luckily no Anomalies that can end the world exist to our knowledge.

Archon: Archon SCPs are anomalies that could theoretically be contained but are left uncontained, most likely because the threat they pose does not outweigh the cost of their containment or negative effects this might have on the SCP.

Euclid: Euclid is assigned to SCPs whose behavior cannot be unerringly predicted, either because the item is sentient, it behaves outside of current scientific knowledge, or its nature is simply poorly understood at present. They require more diligence to keep contained than Safe-class objects.

Explained: Explained SCP's are commonly articles about anomalies that are completely and fully understood to the point where their effects are now explainable by mainstream science or phenomena that have been debunked or falsely mistaken as an anomaly

Keter: SCPs that are very difficult to contain or haven't yet been contained. Generally, the resources used to contain these SCPs are often very limited, yet they need much of the resources to contain it. This doesn't mean the SCP is dangerous; just difficult to contain.

Neutralized: Neutralized SCP's are no longer anomalous, either being intentionally/accidentally destroyed or deactivated. Usually meaning that they have died. SCP's Such as SCP-008

Safe: A Safe-class SCP means that a certain SCP does not need many resources to successfully contain the object. This doesn't mean that the SCP does not pose any threat to humans, as it just means it has little risk of escaping containment.

Thaumiel: A Thaumiel-class SCP is an SCP that is used to contain other SCP's. Even the mere existence of one Thaumiel SCP is classified at the highest levels of foundation and their locations and functions are known to a few foundation personnel that are not in the O5 and O7 council.

Thermal: Thermal Class are physical Anomalies known by the foundation but due to reason they can't be contained only studied.

Tiamat: Tiamat class is to be used on Anomalies that have a direct or in direct influence on humanity through the human mind.

Due to the ability of this class it can threaten humans understanding of the world and pose a threat to them or others. Only members of the O7 Council and Induvial permitted by the council are allowed to view scp with Tiamat classification

Uncontained: Uncontained Class are anomalies that the foundation is aware, but which are currently uncontainable/too large to be contained. This can also by used at the decision of an O7 council member.

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