Scp Background Changes

The SCP Foundation will change their background depending on the specific scp being documented

Yes, we also have Holiday Background changes. Some Groups get background changes, the change in background is first brought up days before the Actual event. The Change in the SCP website background comes from The O5 Council and not the O7 council.

The Ethics committee must run a background check to make sure that the logo doesn't offend any Specific group of people, After if the background check is complete it is sent to the O5 council for review and put to a vote. If the votes is a yes, The final votes is from The Administrator. This process can take from hour to 3 days.

Holiday SCP


The Holiday SCP logo are to always to be used as a sign of memory, Things we never had or will always miss doing during our youth.

-The Founder

Pride Month

Pride SCP
Trans SCP
Bi-Sexual SCP
Pansexual SCP
Non-binary SCP
Lesbian SCP
Gay Men SCP

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