How Does the SCP Foundation Actually Make Money?

It’s an old adage that money makes the world go round, and when you work for the SCP Foundation, that same money can keep the world from ending.
Think for a second about the kind of absurd bills that the SCP Foundation racks up: They need to pay for the upkeep on hundreds of facilities while also paying for thousands of employees - As well as stipends for the families of the many, many, many members of personnel who are killed in the line of duty. They also need to pay for the equipment required to do their jobs - a lot of which they need to develop themselves - as well as the expenses of varied containment procedures for well over more an 100 different anomalies, each one requiring its own unique treatment. And that’s not even factoring in the costs of their various experiments, vehicles, weaponry, and cover-up operations. To say the Foundation would need billions upon billions of dollars to do what they do is probably low-balling it.

Obviously a bake sale won't cover the cost of things, First, we’re going to explore the different ways the Foundation probably brings in its obscene budget through more traditional means, but if you stick around to the end, we’ll explore some of the much more strange and exciting ways the Foundation can financially exploit its vast cache of anomalies, as well as a way that you - that’s right, YOU! can help. So buckle up as we tackle the most terrifying monster of all: Budgeting.

The Foundation has many ways of getting cash, the Most obvious means of the foundation getting large chunks of cash is by cooperation with major world government Obviously, the SCP Foundation isn’t a puppet of the United Nations like the GOC, it operates with a high degree of autonomy that prevents its work from ever being biased by certain national or international interests. If one day the foundation decided to end the world or humanity completely, they could. However, in order to do its work properly, it does collaborate with various governments across the globe. Naturally, as a result of this, it does receive assisted funding from governments when combating or containing anomalies that would present a threat to their national security. Think of it as a classic “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” situation. But seeing as people would notice every single government on earth farming out billions of dollars for seemingly no reason that the public could account for, it’s clear that this only accounts for one of the SCP Foundation’s multiple income streams.

Another form that the foundation uses to bring in cash is by creating or buying out front businesses, you may ask what is a front businesses? a front business is a seemingly legitimate company used to hide the operations of a more secretive or illicit business going on behind the scenes. Typically, it’s a boon for organized crime syndicates who need to justify the purchases of certain personnel or equipment or launder ill-gotten gains into clean, legitimate, taxable revenue streams. All Front businesses respond to Ethics committee, The front businesses can be anything, You may already be working for the foundation and not even know it. The Foundation bring in more than 500 billion from all front businesses.

Most common way of the foundation to bring cash is by blackmailing for benefits, or Threaten them up to homicide. lets just say that the Elites are under the foundations thumbs. The foundation uses Scps to ranking in profit, such as scps that can make material appear out of thin-air, and scps that can cure any diseases.

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