The Foundation currently has 1.3 million employees, and paying those employees is no easy task for us. The Ethics Committee is in charge of the payments to all personnel no matter their race, color, religion, sex and national origin. The Ethics Committee Doesn't trust departments to pay their employees equally and So the Ethics Committee with the help of RAISA and IA monitor all payments given to employees.

The Ethic Committee have stated that "Departments may only change pay on an individual based on Their Security clearance, Rank and Position within the foundation." any Department that doesn't pay the employee equally because of their race, color, religion, sex and national origin will be in direct violation of the Code of Ethics. The Foundation operates on an Hourly pay system, and include benefits.


As of 2022 there is currently 1.3 million people that are employed under the foundation, The Foundation is an International organization with the interest of SECURE, CONTAIN and PROTECT humanity. As already been stated the Foundation gets Funding from international Governments and Revenue from number of foundation Front business's.

before 2010, The foundation paid differently based on the nation you were working from factors which included Currency value, GDP per Capita and national wages but since it also violated equal pay for all employees the Ethics Committee decided to force the pay equal. so no matter the country you are working from Your pay will be equal to a person in the same position, Security Clearance, rank as you in a different nation.

The foundation in 2009 spent $14,140 million on their operating budget on Salaries, after 2010 Decision made by the ethics committee the foundation operating budget on Salaries increased by 39.7%, amounting to $35,530 million.

Foundation Facility Payment (no longer in Operation)

FFP (Foundation Facility Payment) is an input into your check, The FFP may add or subtract from your check depending at which facility you are employed at.

Each Facility has a Breach Meter on how often a breach happens in a month, and What scps are housed at that facility. Take Site-18 for an Example in the month of October 2018 the site had 83 breaches the highest on record.

I'm Researcher Jerimiah and let me tell you being sent to Site 18 is a death sentence. I get use to the breach alarms on a regular bases. I can't even eat a bacon, egg and cheese in peace without that fucking alarm going off.

On a regular month site 18 only has 37 Breaches. the FFP pays an extra on the Breach meter, if the breach from the previous month is higher than 10 then personnel shall all receive $50 on each check but if it is higher than 30 then personnel shall receive $80 on each check. Checks will not include FFP if the facility has lower than 10 breaches per month or doesn't house an SCPs at all.

NOTE: The FFP had several loop holes and problems that effected employees, Staff at some facility purposely caused a breach in-order so they may get extra pay on their check. Another example of a loop hole within the FFP is that some facility didn't house anomalies. In march of 2021, O7-2 saw that the FFP had too many loop holes and Ordered the ethics Committee to review it. After the Ethics Committee had reviewed FFP they seen the mistake they made but it was too late to already fix it, so in an Emergency response O7-2 called a meeting of the O7 council in vote to De-activate the FFP.

O7 Council Vote to De-activate FFP; Nov/2021
1- No vote

- O7-10
Starting January 1st of 2022, The Foundation Facility Payment program is to be put out of operation as it seems that the ethics Committee made a mistake with this and resulted in millions of dollars in misused programs that had too many loop holes, and Issues. So madam Administrator I request that The responsibilities of the financial operations fall under the O7 council instead of the ethics committee.

- Administrator
I do take in mind that the Ethics Committee made a mistake but In trusting the Ethics Committee with Financial operations will remain as we all make mistakes and Don't realize this until later on. I do Appreciate your concerns Ten but my decision on Financial operation still remains with the Ethics Committee.

Security Clearance

Level-0: Level 0 personnel are considered new to the foundation so they start with an hourly pay of $16
Level-1: Level 1 personnel are considered Freshmen Staff so they have a start with an Hourly pay of $20
Level-2: Level 2 personnel start to see hourly pay between $21-$26
Level-3: Level 3 personnel start to be considered important towards the foundation so they get an increase pay of $37-$47 hourly pay

Level-4: Level 4 personnel are important to the foundation and are considered Junior Personnel and get an Hourly pay of $50-$55
Level-5 Personnel: These are considered Senior Staff and Often facility Administration staff have Level 5 clearance and are important to Foundation operations so level 5 personnel get an Hourly pay of $60-$80 hourly

Level-6 Personnel:

This Information has been expunged by the O7 council

- Jacobs, Site Director of Site-18
"Weird how the Administrative department Clearance is Level 6, OMNI, Level O7. but the O7 council doesn't want to tell us how much they are getting paid yearly, they probably choose how much they want to be paid. They operate in mysterious ways"


Youth program

The rest of the programs are awaiting Declassification from RAISA


The foundation has benefits such as SCP Insurance will covers all Medical Cost. In the event that you die, The foundation will cover cost for your funeral and your family/children will receive your yearly earnings for the next 10 years.

Example: If you earned 50k from the foundation annually and one day you are deceased. The foundation will give your family 50k annually for the next 10 years and cover mortgages/rent payments for 5 years.

You also get paid on Holidays or Special Events that don't require your presence. If you get injured and can't work, The foundation will pay for your Recovery-time.

The foundation will not cover your Car insurance nor your phone bill, That's your responsibility not the foundation.

benefits include:

  • Health insurance.
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Retirement plan benefits
  • Mental, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance.
  • Disability Insurance
  • Paid Family leave

Other benefit including is Educational Plan, This falls under the Youth Program.

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