Administrative Department (AD)

The Administrative department is headed directly by the O7 Council and the Administrator. It directs the Foundation's actions on all levels. This department includes all communication nodes and command centers; every such node and center has a standby for failure redundancy. The jurisdiction of AD also include whole Foundation's financial operations, like disposition of funds, accountancy, budget planning etc. Due to the importance of this department, loyalty checks are more frequent here than anywhere else. The record-keeping office also belongs to this department.

Department of External Affairs (DEA)

DEA is responsible for a wide spectrum of operations: planting disinformation, eliminating traces of SCP (both objects and the Foundation's) activity, D-class personnel enlistment, and recruiting new employees from military and civil institutions. The DEA is responsible for concealing the activity of Foundation agents and facilities in populated areas. DEA is essentially the front line of the Foundation as it filters all potential employees and is responsible for maintaining high standards among recruited personnel - this can also be called HR.

Engineering & Technical Services Department (DOTE)

E&TS is responsible for technical maintenance and everyday services of all facilities and equipment in active Foundation use. This department is responsible for design and construction of new facilities and routes of communication as well as repair and maintenance. E&TS department is divided into several sub-departments based on clearance levels and appropriations; employees with higher clearance levels design and build Keter-class containment chambers and work with strategically important facilities.

Ethics Committee Orientation (EC)

Ethics Committee is a small independent department responsible for reviewing containment procedures and checking conducted experiments for excessive waste or inappropriate use of Class D employees and other resources. The Committee's existence is thought to be a poor joke by some, but it plays a significant role in the Foundation's operation and is quite influential. The Ethics Committee works as a Judicial Department.

Intelligence Agency (IA)

The Intelligence Agency is tasked with searching, tracking, and capturing uncontained SCP objects and gathering intelligence on hostile groups of interest. Undercover IA cells exist in every major populated area and disguised as civilian objects and institutions. Intelligence agents are usually recruited from various defense and law enforcement agencies and special services of the world.

Internal Security Department (ISD)

ISD is a concealed "foundation within the Foundation", a secret police force responsible for filtering traitors as well as operational and information security risks among the Foundation's ranks. The department is strictly hierarchical, adhering to stringently defined multi-stage investigative protocol. Potential ISD agents must have a perfect service record and a length of Foundation service of more than a year. Usually, every ISD agent keeps his "official" position in order to provide his command a first-hand account of everything happening in a given department. The very existence of ISD is usually presented as a myth. The "official" responsibility of ISD is investigation and interrogation of captured GOI agents, although that part of ISD officially belongs to Security Department for the purpose of secrecy. The purpose of the Department is also to protect the members of the Administrative Department.

Logistics Department (LD)

Logistics Department is responsible for transferring natural, financial and human resources between Foundation facilities. Transportation is conducted using automotive, water, railroad, aerial, space, and other transport. There is a complicated system for assigning transportation priorities and importance classes; SCP objects and resources necessary to contain them usually get top priority. Disposing of arising hindrances during shipments is also a top-priority action.

Manufacturing Department (MaD)

Manufacturing Department is responsible for fulfilling any material requests that can arise during capture, containment, or any other Foundation process. Manufacturing Department has several Sites and Zones wholly devoted to constructing a wide profile of custom-made or mass-produced items. Designing and manufacturing is often done on-site for security reasons. For the same reasons, neither the manufacturing staff nor the design documents ever leave the facility's limits. These are usually stocked with modern equipment and are heavily guarded.

Medical Department (MD)

The Foundation's Medical Department is responsible for keeping employees in good health. Due to the nature of Foundation work, medics often encounter difficult to treat and highly unusual instances of wounds, trauma, infections, and disorders. Because of this, the MD adheres to exceptionally high personnel standards. Some Foundation medics specialize in secondary areas of treatment expertise such as memetic influences, psychological trauma, and so on.

Mobile Task Forces (MTF)

The Foundation's line of work requires a large number of highly specialized professionals. This is usually related to anomalies that require much effort and an unorthodox approach for containment. To address this, Mobile Task Forces are formed. MTFs are teams of varying size that specialize in specific roles or respond to specific situations. Every group has a name consisting of a Greek letter and a number; clarification prefixes and/or call signs may be employed in some cases. More information may be found at the Overview for Mobile Task Forces.

Scientific Department (ScD)

Efficient scientific work is the cornerstone of the Foundation's existence and operation. The Scientific department is responsible for studying all contained and new SCP objects, developing countermeasures for containment breach events and designing various devices and medicinal products to be produced by the Manufacturing Department. Scientific Department employees are recruited from among the best and most promising scientists in various fields.

Security Department (SD)

This department is responsible for providing security and protection for all Foundation facilities and objects, regardless of their priority. SD employees are trained to counteract containment breach events, intrusions, sabotage, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Newcomers to this service usually undergo general training before being assigned to an object or site. Special training for working with a given object is performed on-site after assignment.

Internal Tribunal Department (ITD)

SCP Foundation Internal Tribunal Department is the institutional judicial authority of the organization. This department, at the instance of ISD, hears cases of Foundation personnel and other persons' actions that fall under the definition of prohibited by the Internal Tribunal Department's Legal Codex, including such entries as: "I - Crimes against the Foundation", "II - Crimes against normalcy and humanity", "III - Significant disciplinary violations", "IV - Preparations for K-Class event realization", "V - State and corporate crime", "VI - Other violations". The Tribunal may appoint various sentences under every class of violation (except for the fifth, court proceedings under which are conducted by the GOC). Any Tribunal judgment may be repealed by O5 Command. You may review the Statute on SCP Foundation Internal Tribunal Department and its Legal Codex here.

Raid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team is expected to be first responders to every issue in SCP Foundation. This department is also responsible for SCP breaches, riots and other cases. The foundation expects members to have fast reflexes and report to a seen as quickly as possible. This team is also responsible for containment of SCPs, along with the MTFs.

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