The SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation


The SCP Foundation is The worlds most powerful and secretive Organization on the planet. Despite their extremely secretive nature, the Foundation is entrusted by governments around the world to capture and contain various unexplained phenomena that defy the known laws of nature (referred to as "anomalies", "SCP objects", "SCPs", or informally as "skips"). They include living beings and creatures, artifacts and objects, locations and places, abstract concepts, and incomprehensible entities which display supernatural abilities or other extremely unusual properties. If left uncontained, many of the more dangerous anomalies will pose a serious threat to humans or even all life on Earth. Their existence is hidden and withheld from the general public in order to prevent the supposed mass hysteria that would occur if they were leaked, and allow human civilization to "continue functioning normally". the foundation operates on three basic principles Secure, Contain and Protect

The heads of the foundation are known as the O7 Council and are the most powerful people.

we secure the objects in question to protect the well-being of humanity.
we contain these objects/entities and keep them hidden from the public so they cannot be used for malicious purposes.

The SCP Foundation is an Organization studies the anomalous from Cute adorable kittens that can never age to Large Creatures that can Cause XK-End of the world scenarios. We standing for "Special Containment Procedures" or "Secure Contain Protect". No we don't stand for the "Sausage Cheese Pizza Foundation" I wish it did.

The foundation has a class system known as the Security clearane. The foundation is ran by a mysterious O7 council and The Administrator, The Administrator is the most powerful person in the foundation. The O7 Council is made up of 15 Unknown Individuals, which Identities are remained a secret. The O7 Council and Administrator are the most powerful people in the foundation.

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